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How to play: Use your arrow keys or swipe to combine similar Minecraft and score points!

Minecraft 2048

Everyone is aware of the global popularity of the Minecraft game and the rapid success of the 2048 game. We combined the two games and created a minecraft 2048 video game based on several bricks in Minecraft.

How to Play

Use arrow keys to play Minecraft 2048 on your computer. Or swipe in each direction to play this game on your iPad or other mobile device. The game’s objective is to get the number 2048 using additions of the number two and its multiples. You will have a grid of 16 tiles. Two numbers will be given: usually two number twos, maybe number four. Move up or down, left or right, trying to join two equal numbers. When two similar numbers are in touch, they will add up. If we run out of matching numbers on our grid, or we can not put them in touch, the game will provide us another two, a four, or even an eight so we can keep playing. If there are no empty tiles on our grid, the game ends. By adding numbers, we get higher numbers and can approach 2048, the game’s goal.


2048 The blocky visuals of Minecraft give gamers a nostalgic sense of pixel art. The soundtrack of this game is soothing and atmospheric, allowing players to lose themselves in the game’s ambiance.

Additionally, as players advance through the game, they can unlock various aspects. Every game component, from inexpensive materials like brick and wood to priceless riches like diamonds and emeralds.

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Minecraft 2048